Dr.Althea Water Glow Aqua Cream

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 50.00ml

Dr.Althea Water Glow Aqua Cream
◆ Manufacturer - Dr.Althea

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 50ml

◆ Major ingredients
- Jojoba seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, grapeseed oil, propolis, niacinamide, natural origin ingredients, adenosine

◆ Product description 

- Application gives real hydration for moisture glowing skin care. 
- Gives dry skin cells rich hydration and recover sun damage DNA. 
- Propolis ingredient gives vitality with soothing effect on sensitive skin for glowing skin care. 
- Nice and fit! Rich hydration! Filling elasticity! Gives bright and clear skin care. 
- 120 hours moist tested for different moisture and water glow cream. 

- Rich hydration from inner skin gives vitality. 

- Soft and light application with natural quick moisture protection shield for higher moist. 

- Non sticky or greasy fresh use. 

◆ How to use

- Last step of basic care, use right amount onto face and press gently using hands for absorption.