Dr.Althea Power Whitening Glutathione Cream

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Dr.Althea Power Whitening Glutathione Cream
◆ Manufacturer - Dr.Althea

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 50ml

◆ Major ingredients
- Glutathione, niacin amide, adenosine

◆ Product description 

- Glutathione strong whitening effect gives instant and all day
 clear moisture skin tone enhancement. 
- Non drying or rough whitening cream, rich hydration to fill inner skin. 
- Not only enhancing outer skin, gives moisture whitening care even on inner skin. 

- No harmful ingredients! Nature derived extract for sensitive skin OK! Pregnant women OK!

- For on make up, gives bright and clear bare face look. 
- Whip cream melting application gives clear skin express. 

- Rich moisture texture with non sticky fresh finish. 

◆ How to use
- Last step of basic care, use right amount onto face and press gently using hands for absorption.