SNP Diamond Brightening Ampoule Mask (1ea)

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 25.00ml

◆ Manufacturer - SNP

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 25ml

◆ Main ingredient

- Hyaluronic acid (1,000mg), Diamond (0.3mg), niacinamide, cranberry tree extract, pomegranate extract

Product Description

 - Intensively moisturizes skin while diamond powder provides bright and clear skin by giving a natural sheen.

 - Improves the moisture content and brighten the skin tone.

 - Hyaluronic acid supplies water for moist clear skin.

 - Diamond component removes dead skin cells and impurities for clean skin.

 - Cellulose completely attaches on skin.

 - Four-free (parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors, synthetic silicon)

How to use

 1.After washing face, wipe off skin with toner.

2. Attach mask on face, adjusting the eyes and mouth area.

3. Remove the mask after 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Gently tap remaining essence for absorption.