SNP Bird's Nest Auqa Eye Patch

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 84.00g

SNP Bird's Nest Auqa Eye Patch
◆ Manufacturer - SNP

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 1.4g*60ea

◆ Major ingredients


- Gold bird's nest extract 1000mg, hyaluronic acid, cabbage rose extract, aloe vera leaf extract, citrus extract

◆ Product description
- Sea bird's nest extract and hyaluronate acid gives high moisture.

- On dry eye area provides rich hydration and nutrition for soft skin care. 

- Application provides instant cooling effect for vital sensitive skin soothing.

- Provides thin moisture coating shield to protect from external skin protection and prevents moisture loss.

- Multi moisture / nutrition patch to treat eye area and smile line. 
◆ How to use
1. After face wash use toner to fix skin.
2. Use spatula to get patch and place on area needed.
3. Remove after 20~30 minutes.