SKINFOOD Dual Effect Snail Mask Sheet

$7.29 $6.19
Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 17.00g + 16.00g

◆ Manufacturer - Genic

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 17g+16g

◆ Major ingredients

- Niacinamide, snail extract (10,000 ppm), adenosine

◆ Product description

- Double mask sheet with snail extract to give rich nutrition for elastic skin care

- V zone patch to give chin line elastic skin care

◆ How to use

1. After face wash use toner, apply Step1 mask onto eyes area. 

2. Remove Step2 film and apply onto curvy areas to chin, pull upward and hang on the ears. 

3. After 20 minutes remove sheet and tap excess amount of essence for absorption.