Shiseido Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA Eye Mask

Made in Japan

Unit: patch

Eye Mask - Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA Eye Mask from Shiseido

  • Fighting Wrinkles and Fine Lines around Eyes and LipsSeals in Retinol, helping it penetrate into skin quickly and deeply.  After four weeks’ use, skin’s texture improves and deep wrinkles decrease.
  • Moisturizing Eye Mask: Sheet made from natural ingredients fits perfectly around the eyes.  Restores moisture and soothes the dryness-prone eye area, while gently stretching and firming skin.  Formulated with Collagen Stretch Coat, a protective and reparative complex of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.


  1. Apply morning or night, after cleanser, softener and moisturizer. When using in the morning, follow with a sunscreen or a foundation with an SPF to protect the Retinol from the damaging effects of UV rays.
  2. Use 2-3 times a week (approximately every other day).
  3. Open the bag, remove the tray, and open the lid.
  4. Take out one sheet at a time, and position below the eyes. Press on firmly and evenly to ensure that there are no air pockets. (The broader end of the sheet should be positioned at the outer corner of the eye. The sheet has no set front and back.)
  5. Peel off the mask after 10-15 minutes when it has completely dried.
  6. Can be used around the mouth contours as well.