PETITFEE Gold&EGF; Hydrogel Mask

$7.29 $3.19
Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 30.00g

◆ Manufacturer - PETITFEE

◆ Country of origin - South Korea

◆ Capacity - 30g

◆ Main ingredients

- Gold, EGF, green tea extract, caviar extract, ginseng extract, aloe extract

◆ Product description
- Luxurious beauty ingredient glod gives healthy skin tone with vitality. 
- Famous beauty ingredient EGF gives elasticity.
- Rich nutrition and moisture improves glowing silky skin.
*What is hydrogel?
It's jelly type big water bag and water is the basic ingredient.
Compare to other sheet, it absorbs more nutrition and moisture, prevents moisture loss even if you use for long hours(more than 40 hours).
Rich pack which becomes thin as time goes by as it provides the essence of eco-friendly soluble pack to skin.
◆ How to use
1. Use toner after face wash.  
2. Remove white film of the mask and place the side on skin. 
3. After removing transparent film, place the upper part focusing eyes and the lower part focusing lips.
4.  Remove mask after 30~40 minutes and tap gently for absorption.