Mediheal NMF Aquaring Nude Gel Mask 1P

$7.29 $4.39
Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 30.00g

◆ Major ingredients
- Hyaluronate acid ceramide3, adenosine

◆ Product description
- Embo gel mask with 2 times of moisture ingredient with clear hydro
(Contains 2 times content of N.M.F aquaring ampoule mask)
- High fit rich essence ingredient provides intensive rich moisture energy. 
- Contains moisture ingredients (NMF) similar to skin layer content. 
- Mask with moisture improvement, moisture coating, pore care and skin purification.
- Skin irritation tested. 
* High fit hydro embogel [Pantent]
Special embo fits even on curvy areas, penetrate essence effectively. 
Embogel mask application provides even active activities. 
No mesh type clear hydro gel sheet mild and safe on sensitive skin, high fitting new type of nude gel mask. 
 ◆ How to use
1. After face wash use softener and remove both side film of the mask. 
2. Place embo side upper mask focusing eyes and lower lips. 
3. Remove mask after 10~20 minutes. 
* Recommend to use 2~3 times a week, 4 weeks.