LANEIGE Essential Balancing Emulsion Light

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 120.00ml

LANEIGE Essential Balancing Emulsion Light
◆ Manufacturer - Amore Pacific

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 120ml

◆ Major ingredients

- Baeknyeoncho fruit extract, niacinamide, Lactobacillus / fermented water hyacinth, quinoa seed extract

◆ Product description 

- Soft type emulsion to give oily and dry skin non sticky light absorption.
- Water balancing activator balance skin moisture, prevents moisture loss for moist care. 
- Moisture care powder ingredient control excess sebum, hyacinth water to give stronger skin protects
 skin for inner moisture fresh skin. 

◆ How to use
- After skin, use right amount to apply gently on the skin.