Labelyoung Shocking Toner (Season 1)

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 250.00ml

◆ Manufacturer - Labelyoung Cosmetics

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 250ml
◆ Major ingredients
- Quinoa seed extract, Grape extract, Blueberry extract, Purple queen extract, Shaddock seed extract, 
Weaver bamboo stem extract, Songip extract
◆ Product description
- All in one toner with skin+lotion+essence in one bottle
- Protect skin from external environment, moisturize and provide nutrition deep into skin. 
- Provide moisture with energy for vital glowing skin. 
- For sensitive skin, gel type soothing toner works for better result. 
- Mild ingredient balance moisture for clear skin. 
- Mix bb or foundation for moisture glowing make up look. 
- Moisture melting texture moisturizing skin. 
- 8 Non additive (parabens, ethanol, artificial colors, mineral oil, benzophenone, steroids, triethanolamine, artificial flavor) 
◆ Contains no artificial color.
Grape, blueberry and purple queen's natural color. 
◆ Contains no artificial scent.
Tangerine oil's fresh scent.
◆ How to use
Spatula) Use small amount with spatula onto cotton, wipe out gently. 
Hands) After washing apply onto face tap gently for absorption. 
◆ After washing face tap gently for absorption, apply moisturizer or nutrition cream.
Can skip lotion or essence. 
◆ Mix bb or foundation for glowing make up look. 
◆ Keep refrigerator and use as pack for soothing care effect.