Innisfree orchid skin

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 200.00ml

Innisfree orchid skin
◆ Manufacturer- Cosvision
◆ Country origin- South Korea
◆ Capacity- 200ml
◆ Main ingredients
- Arbutin, adenosine, orchid extract, green tea extract, camellia leaf extract, cactus fruit extract, orange peel extract
◆ Product Description
An excellent antioxidant effect of Orchidelixir extracted from Jeju orchid gives shine to dry skin and strengthens skin defensive power.  
- Improves skin elasticity with rich nutrition to care skin problems and gives clear skin tone for glowing healthy skin. 
- Fits tightly to the skin with gel network technology to provides the elasticity by intense moisturizing.
◆ What's Orchidelixir?
- Originated from tangaekpyeon in Donguibogam. Orchid extract which releases the blockage and reinforce the body fluid.
  The Research Institute of Amore Pacific has been studied 60 kinds of Jeju native orchid, then chose Cymbidium orchid with superior antioxidant, 
  obtained its precious ingredient from the whole plant from roots to flower with heat extraction.
◆ How to use
- Take an appropriate amount, apply gently along the skin texture.