Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 150.00ml

◆ Manufacturer - Amorepacific
◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea
◆ Volume:150ml

◆ Major ingredients

- Cell Bio Fluid Sink TM (Mineral, Amino acid, Lipid, Sugar, Peptide activate skin)
◆ Product description

- Contains xxtract similar to body water 「 Cell-Bio Fluid SyncTM」
◆ Body water is important water for skin texture.

- 「 Cell-Bio Fluid SyncTM」 5 kinds of secret code activates skin.

- Special technology give silky and soft skin.

*(Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™)
- Special cell bio technology of Hera for vital and glowing skin.
◆  How to use
1. Place cotton on middle finger, shake 3~4 times and pour right amount.
2. Apply onto cheeks and forehead spreading gently.
3. Tap gently for absorption.
4. On sebum area like nose, use end part of cotton to wipe out.
5. Use the opposite side of cotton to wipe neck, from down to upward.