Goodal Premium Snail Tone-up Cream

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 50.00ml

◆ Manufacturer - cosmax

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 50ml

◆ Major ingredients
- 20% golden snail complex, ginseng extract, Paeonia japonica

◆ Product description 
- Golden snail mucin ingredient gives elastic healthy skin care. 
- Golden snail extract 20% relieves stress with soothing effect. 
- Rich nutrition and hydration gives elastic skin. 
- White ginseng extract gives bright and vital skin care. 
- White moisture whip cream texture. 
- Melts on the skin for bright improvement. 

◆ How to use 
- Last step of skin care apply right amount onto skin gently and tap for absorption.