ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Daily Toner

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 150.00ml

Volume- 150ml
Main Contents 
- Salicylic acid, Retinispora, Chaga mushroom, Polypara.
Product Description

- Water soluble moisturizer that keeps moisture for a silky and healthy skin.
- Cleanses gently dead skin and its impurities
- Salicylic acid and Retinispora soothes the skin.
- Non-comedogenic tested.
How to use
- After washing the face, use cotton to wipe out gently from inner to outward motion and tap gently for absorption.
Steps to use
1. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser
2. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner
3. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion
4. Etude House AC Clinic Spot Balm
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