Elizavecca MILKY PIGGY Carbona Ted Bubble Clay Mask

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 50.00ml

Elizavecca MILKY PIGGY Carbona Ted Bubble Clay Mask
◆ Manufacturer:Chamos

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 100g

◆ Main ingredients

- grean tea, pomegranate, charcoal powder, aloevera leaf, witch hazel, alantoin etc.

◆ Product description

- Formulated with carbonated water and mud, washes off pores and dirts on your on face.
- Contains various vegetable ingredients such as grean tea, pomegranate and charcoal powder extract etc.
- Carbonated water gives a soft massage to pores.
- A adsorptive power of Charcoal and mud removes excessive subum clearly.
- Clay mud and charcoal powder removes makeup dirts and tightens pores at the same time.

◆ How to use
1. Apply it to all over your makeup face or bare face.
2. After about  3-5 minutes, massage your face lightly for 1 minute.
3. Put some water on your face and massage lightly.
4. Wash your face with warm water.