Dr.Jart+ V7 Toning Light

$86.89 $57.29
Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 50.00ml

◆ Manufacturer - Cosmecca

◆ Country of origin - South Korea

◆ Capacity - 50ml
◆ Main ingredient
- 7 kinds of vitamin complex, white jade, beta glucan, niacinamide & licorice

◆ Product description
- 7 kinds of vitamin and white jade ingredient activator gives fast skin tone up giving natural and bright skin tone.
- White cream spreads like soft milk giving bright milky skin.
- Moisture ingredient 40% gives non-drying finish.
- Silky texture gives smooth skin as if you applied a primer.
- Skin test completed.

◆ How to use
- Apply a small amount using spatula and at the last step of basic care, apply on face evenly and let it absorb.
- Can be applied on neck, arms, legs, armpits where you want to brighten.