Dr.Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 25.00g

Manufacturer- C&F /Have&B

Country of origin- Republic of  Korea

Capacity- 25g

◆ Main ingredients

- Aqualxyl, Oligo hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract

Product Description

- Powerful soothing moisturizing mask of single sheet fed a rich moisturizer for dry skin

- Blending the three kinds of exceptional ideal moisturizing and soothing effect for intensive care for dryness.

- Soothing moisture mask to calm sensitive skin lacking moist.

- Water-containing fiber in an optimized fabric to supply water deep into skin,

- Transparent thin fabric with excellent fitting.

- Complete skin testing.

* Water Jet Type mask sheet

High fitting mask sheet, suitable to contain moisturizing effect!
Transparent thin fabric fits tightly to the skin preventing water evaporation.

How to use

1. After washing, wipe off skin with toner.
2. Peel the film will attach a mask to the face.
3. After 15~20minutes, gently tap to absorb the remaining essence.