Dr.Jart+ Dermask Intra Jet Firming Solution

Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 28.00g

▶ Manufacturer- Genic/HAVE&B

▶ Origin- South Korea

▶ Capacity- 28g

▶ Main ingredients

- Bio-peptides, coenzyme Q10, beta-glucan

▶ Product Description

- Bio-peptides + coenzyme Q10 + beta-glucan provide skin care, restore elasticity and improve wrinkles.
- Strengthens the structure of the skin, increasing collagen production.
- Sensitive hydrogel effectively transmits nutrients skin as it is heated. It prevents rapid evaporation of essences.
- Peptides reduce existing wrinkles, tighten the skin, moisten skin, improve skin tone, strengthen collagen fibers, rejuvenate, and slow down aging.
- Coenzyme Q10 restores the activity of other antioxidants, particularly vitamin E increases the moisture content in skin elasticity and reduces the profile of wrinkles. 
- Complete skin testing
Spot Jet Type Mask sheet
- Resistant, flexible material is used for skin requiring special intensive care. By tapping creates a point massaging effect.

▶ How to use

1. After washing your face, adjust skin texture with toner, and put the mask according to face shape.
2. Remove around 20-40 minutes later, and tap the remainder essence lightly for absorption.