C20 Original Pure Vitamine Serum

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 30.00ml

◆ Manufacturer - Cotde

◆ Country of origin- Republic of Korea

◆ Volume - 30ml
◆ Major ingredients
- 100% Pure Vitamin C20% (6,000mg, orange 40, 200 tangerine, strawberry 120 worth)

◆ Product description

- Non artificial vitamin C ingredients, contains 100% pure vitamin C
- Concentrate vitamin C drop gives bright and clear beautiful skin care. 
- Removes old dead skin giving firm and elastic vitality.
- Soluble vitamins penetrate deep into skin giving even and bright clear skin. 
- Natural soothing and moisture ingredients safe on sensitive skin. 
- Promote skin collagen for elastic vital skin. 
- Oil free serum with vitamin C for bright skin
- Protect skin from external stress with skin activation. 
◆ How to use
- After face wash use toner apply thin layer on dull areas. 
- For sensitive skin use serum 1~2 drops with toner. 
- Apply sun block before going out in the morning. 
- After C serum apply moisture and hydration products. 
◆ Keep refrigerated for fresh long use. 
◆ Vitamin C with more than 10% products show effects. 
◆ For higher absorption use dead skin remover or toner. 
Night) After face wash apply thin layer on dull areas with thin layer. 
◆ After using keep refrigerated for fresh long use.