April Skin Magic Snow Cream + Magic Stone

$81.39 $35.09
Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 70.00ml + 100.00g

◆ Manufacturer - APRILSKIN

◆ Country of origin - Republic of Korea

◆ Capacity - cream 70ml, Soap 100g
◆ Main ingredient
- Himalayan glacial water, Niacinamide,  Blueberry, Rice Callus Culture Extract, Adenosine, Allantoin
◆ Product description
- Long lasting moist white cream with new whitening particle similar to snow structure and Himalayan glacial water with natural mineral brightens your skin.
- Adjust skin tone with moist and fresh texture.
- ZERO purified water!!! It used Himalayan glacial water as a base instead of using water.
- Long lasting moist skin due to rich moisture.
◆ How to use
1. Apply at the last step after basic care in every morning.
2. Apply appropriate amount onto face and tap gently for absorption.
3. As it brightens your face depending on the number of reapply, you can control your skin tone.