AHC The Real Eye Cream For Face 30ml (Season 4)

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Made in Korea

Volume/Weight: 30.00ml

◆ Manufacturer- Korea Kolmar

◆ Origin- South Korea

◆ Capacity- 30ml

◆ Main Ingredient
Fermented collagen, NMF 15%, Goami extract, snail slime filtrate, ceramide complex, True Rose of Jericho extract, 
14 kinds of peptides (including 1 kind of overseas patent), 7 kinds of foreign patented ingredients, six kinds of Ecocert ingredients

◆ Product Description

- Ultimate upgraded formula allows deeper, faster delivery of nutrients and moisture, helping achieve a real anti-aging skin, micro-micro method with enhanced the absorption of the total ingredients.
- Contains NMF 15%, natural moisturizing factor with similar characteristics to skin, fermented collagen, and Goami extract.
- Snail mucin protects cells from damage and premature aging; restores and improves skin, evens texture and resolves stagnant spots; rejuvenates and tightens skin. 
- 14 kinds of naturally occurring peptides provide vitamins and complex care, moisturizing skin, improving elasticity, skin tone, provide skin soothing and management.
7 kinds of foreign patented ingredients and 6 kinds of Ecocert ingredients provide skin elasticity and moisturizing, calming effect. 
- The cream resolves skin problems, smooths out wrinkles, and brightness skin. Total skin solution.
- Dermatological tested.
◆ How to use

Eye Treatment)
At the last step of skin care apply a small amount of the cream around eyes, and spread gently tapping until absorbed.

Facial Treatment)
At the last step of skin care, apply the cream on the most problem spots. Blend gently for absorption.