AHC Phyto Complex Mask

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Made in Korea

Unit: sheet (30g)

Face Mask - Phyto Complex Mask from A.H.C

  • Wrinkle Fighting Technology:  Containing skin-friendly soluble collagen (50%), fermented soy extract, and organic soy extract which work to prevent deformation and destruction of the elastic cells in the skin.  This mask prevents/delays the pace of aging of the skin by improving skin elasticity and at the same time forms a strong protective film to retain skin flexibility and vitality. 
  • Provides Comprehensive Nourishment to the Skin.
  • Cooling Effect:  It provides skin with the moisture and nourishment.  Feel that healthy, renewed sensation as the cooling effect works into skin to bring back a healthy glow.

Main Ingredients

Bacillus, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrosoluble Collagen, Hydrosoluble Elastin, Adenosine, Wheat Amino Acid 


  1. Before use, refrigerate the mask until the thermometer on the package turns green. 
  2. After cleansing, tone skin with basic toner. 
  3. Open the pouch and smooth the mask on your face.  Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Pat and massage remaining emulsion into skin.
  5. Proceed with the rest of your skin care regimen using face and eye creams.
"Hydrates well and skin feels firmer, brighter after using." ~ Lei, Toronto, age: 25-35
"I feel very comfortable and confident after I used. The bright face will last longer compared with other product. Looks like this product can be fully absorbed." ~ Huan, Oakville, age: 35-45
"即使敷到30分钟取下来,脸上还会有些残余,所以需要用手去拍打直至完全被吸收,但不用担心,即使有些残余,在借助双手的拍打还是容易被吸收的,而且会觉得脸上很滋润。" ~ Eunice, Mississagua, age: 25-35