How to tell if a mask is good?

Given its effectiveness, face masks have become a necessity in every girl's cosmetic pouch.  There are so many face masks out there in the market (e.g. masks from different brands, masks that serve various purposes, etc.), and their prices vary greatly too.  How can we tell if we are using good quality masks?  The price of a mask suggests its value, but it surely shouldn't be the only criterion we consider when we compare between masks....

A few days ago, I got a question, "how long does the effect of your masks last?". "This is a hard question", I thought to myself.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it might not be a very legitimate question.  Because unless it's a simple hydration mask which you can measure the hydration level of your skin after using the mask, most other types of masks also offer other benefits which can only be observed over a period of persistent use.  My mom rarely eats meat. So, egg is the only source of protein in her diet.  When I do my grocery shopping, I usually buy an extra dozen of organic eggs for her.  I encourage her to eat only Grade A eggs.  Would anyone ask me why?  (I suppose no one buys organic eggs because those eggs make him stay full longer!  )  The answer is obvious.  Our body needs good stuffs, and so does our skin!

So here, I've gather some small tips to help you decide if a face mask is of good quality:

  • Fiber sheet - The quality of the fiber sheet a mask uses matters!  It's better if it's made of natural materials, and it will feel soft and silky on your skin. Good quality fiber sheet should be flexible so it's easy for you to smooth it on your face, and yet it should also be thick/strong enough so the serum will stay in place when you use the mask.  The quality of the fiber sheet is crucial in determining the effectiveness of its mask.
  • Serum - The thickness of the serum in a mask tells us the percentage of the hyaluronic acid it contains.  Hyaluronic acid is well known for its effectiveness on attracting and attaining hydration in the skin.  However, it's a costly ingredient, so that explains why some lower priced masks feels watery/liquid.
  • Other factors - The fragrance of a mask should be fresh and light if the ingredients are from natural plants.  Stay away from the masks with strong or unreal scents.  It's also generally recommended to use masks from reputable brand and companies.