Beauty Sleep Hours: from 11pm to 2am

Most people have the experience of staying up at night.  We may be staying up for different reasons, but the consequence is the same: we feel extra tired on the next day (even if we only miss our sleep for a couple of hours)!  Somehow, on the next day after we stay up, our hearts would feel weak and the rest of our bodies just don't feel right.  As we age, those "symptoms" become even more severe.  Simply put, it's because our biological clock doesn't work this way!

Human body has a biological clock.   Our bodies function in its own rhythms and patterns.  And nighttime is when our bodies go into a repair mode.  If we "respect" the rhythms and patterns by not trying to interrupt it or change it, our bodies will function properly and will get rid of toxin and free radicals in our bodies by itself. Therefore, a good night sleep matters, and it slows down the aging process!   

There are a few professions that need to work in shifts: doctor, nurse, flight attendant, police, etc.  They are basically staying up every day!  This type of work schedule speeds up the aging process, and for them it's particularly challenging to maintaining good health and beautiful skin.... 

Beauty sleep is real and it shows on our faces.  Be sure you get your beauty sleep tonight~