My skin feels DRY!

After cleansing your face, does it feel dry and tight?  During the time when seasons change, do you start having flaky skin?  These are the times when we know our skin is dry.  (At least we can feel it!)  Dryness doesn't seem to be a big deal, but it can lead to serious skin issues.  

When our outer skin layer is weak, the first symptom is dryness.  Dryness typically takes place around eyes, on our cheeks, or limbs.  The serious consequences of having dry skin can be dull skin, large pores, redness, fine lines, pimples, just to name a few!  In the worst case, dry skin will become weak and sensitive skin.  Therefore, keep your skin hydrated should be the first step in all your skin care routines.

Different people have different skin types.  And even on one person's face, there are different skin needs.  However, what's the same is that everyone needs to do a good job of maintaining good hydration level for the skin!

Eye contour area is the area that tends to feel dry most easily.  The skin around our eye area is thin and produce less sebum.  What's worse is that it's often irritated because of the eye make-up we put on daily.  If we forget to take special care to keep it well hydrated, fine lines will not be the only problem that follows!

Talking about hydration, however, the usage of hydration mist should be warned.  Some people complain that their skin feel even more dry after using mist over the face. Using hydration mist may be providing hydration in the first place, but as the mist get evaporated, it will end up taking more water off the skin, leaving the skin more dry.  In addition to supplying hydration, "locking" it in is just as important! There goes the reason why face cream/lotion is often used at the end of our usual skin-care routine.