Skin - the largest organ in human body

When asked to name human organs, what come to mind are often "stomach", "liver", "kidney", etc.  We tend to miss the most "visible" organ of all: our skin!  In fact, our skin, is our biggest organ.

Skin is also the organ that works at the fastest self-repairing speed.  However, because skin covers various areas of our bodies, from head, face, neck, body, to limbs, we should understand the characteristics of the skin in different areas, so we can properly take care and attend to the different needs of various skin areas.

Take facial area for example, we often consider it to be one of the most important part of our appearance, but it's also easily exposed to external irritants.  Facial skin has therefore developed a strong self-protecting mechanism; comparing to the rest of the body, facial skin tends to produce more sebum and it also more easily renews and repairs its own damaged cells.  But even within such small area, different parts on our faces have different skin needs:

  • For examples, the skin in the conture area around eyes and lips, as well as our ears are rather thin, and the sebum is produced less there.  If you use highly concentrated skin care product, your eye conture skin might be easily burned.  Or if you use skin care products that contains insufficient oil level, crow's feet or fine lines may start to develop due to dehydration. 
  • Also, the skin of our ears is often easily neglected.  How many of us include that skin area when we put on sun block lotion for our faces?!  Do you know it's a common skin area where sun burn occurs after a day of fun at beach!  
  • Furthermore, many of us are troubled with dry lips, especially during winter.  Some of us have the habit of wetting our lips with our saliva, attempting to ease the problems.  To the contrary, that makes it worse!  Lip balms contain high level of nutritious oils, which is what our lips needs!

Know your skin.  Take care of different areas of your skin individually.  Beautiful skin need not be just someone else's inherited blessing; it can also be your reward as a result of your correct and diligent skin care "ritual"!