Introduction on A.H.C’s Vital Medica line of Masks

Let’s talk about the masks from A.H.C’s Vital Medica line today. There are 3 types of masks: Hydra Soother Mask, Phyto Complex Mask, and Vital C Complex Mask.  Each of the 3 masks has different focus:

  • Hydra Soother Mask hydrates and repairs skin. – The mask contains 50% of hyaluronic acid for hydration. Genseng Root Extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, and collagen work to repair and nourish skin.
  • Phyto Complex Mask lifts/shapes and nourishes skin. – This mask contains 50% of soluble collagen for lifting. In addition, soy collagen is extracted from soy beans through a fermentation process so it can be easily absorbed into skin to improve the elasticity of the skin. Adenosin and wheat amino acid are also used to strengthen and repair skin.
  • Vital C Complex Mask brightens/whitens and protects skin. – The mask contains 50% of lemon extract to give a whiter/brighter complexion. The whitening ingredients (including also Niacinamide and other vitamin C derivatives) can also protect skin from harmful environmental factors.

The common features between the masks are:

  • They all contain hyaluronic acid which is the best ingredient providing lasting hydration.
  • They all contain ingredients (e.g. collagen) to repairs and revitalise skin.
  • They all use a skin-friendly fiber sheet called Tencel.  Tencel is natural fiber that’s made with wood pulps. It’s as soft as cotton but more flexible. Used as fiber sheet for masks, Tencel can easily adhere to skin, so it offers great comfort and allows the masks to deliver effective result.
From customers’ experience of using Vital Medica masks, the emulsion is easily absorbed so it doesn’t take much time to pat and massage the remaining emulsion into skin after the mask is taken off. These 3 masks are suitable for all ages and for all skin types!  We welcome you to fall in love with them like us!