How to hydrate my skin?

After having power outage for a few days in an extremely cold weather last week,  we realize we've grown so dependent on electricity!  This cold and dry winter also reminds us of the fact that keeping a good hydration level in our skin is particularly challenging for us who live up here in such a weather condition!

A few weeks ago, I got a product question from a friend who tried A.H.C’s star product, A.H.C hydration serum - Hydra B5 Soother.  She told me after applying the serum, it can be rubbed off easily afterward.  "The serum was apparently not absorbed into my skin at all", she said.  Yes, she was right about that!  While I was trying to figure out a way to help her, I told her the problem lie in the fact that her skin was too dry to use the serum alone like that. 

Hydra B5 Soother contains high percentage of hyaluronic acid, which naturally exist in our skin.  It has great power to attract and attain water (80 times of water than its own size), so it's considered the best ingredient used in skin care products to maintain good level of hydration for our skin.  However, if your skin is too dry and you don't hydrate your skin by using toner before applying the serum, there is no water for the serum to attract nor keep, then the serum will not work in the way it should.... 

My friend said oil-based serum works well for her skin.  But I have to warn her about using oil-based serum.  To have a beautiful skin, we need to keep a good balance of hydration and sebum in our skin.  The weather is dry, so we need to supply what's needed, which is hydration, not oil!  We use too much oil-based products, and our skin will stop producing the amount of sebum it used to produce.  And when we age, we will end up looking for product that's heavier (more oil-based)!

So, my recommendation for my friend and for those of you who have dry skin is to use A.H.C Hydra B5 Soother together with A.H.C Hyaluronic Toner.  Use the toner as the first step to hydrate your skin and then use the serum to maximize the effect.  The dry skin problem should be improved within a couple of weeks!