Fighting against dull skin!

A friend once said to me "I love my skin tone, but what I am unhappy with is that somehow my skin looks a bit 'dirty' all the time."   A common way to put it is that her skin looks dull.  While this term "dull skin" is ambiquious, we can generally categorize skin to be dull looking if it lacks its healthy natural glow. 

The cause for having dull skin might vary from person to person.  However, in most cases, the main cause for having dull skin is dehydration!  Maybe you have also noticed, during seasons change or during winter time, skin tend to look particularly dull.  So at this time, instead of applying higher concentrated whitening products, hydrating your skin is a better solution.

Aging is another factor that contributes to this problem.  As we age, our skin layers becomes thinner, skin gradually loses elasticity and skin would look dull or yellowish as a result.  In this case, we should find ways to revitalize skin, repair, and strengthen skin cells.

Fight against dull skin by maintaining good level of hydration in your skin and by revitalizing skin.  When you do both at the same time, you will be able to see improvement ... maybe even sooner than you expect!