Top Quality Skin Care - A.H.C

Maybe you have noticed, The Beauty Mask Shop loves A.H.C!    We love it so much that we start selling serum and face/eye cream because of it!!  We are people with high standard.  We can't help it ..... we just couldn't allow any lower quality skincare products to come near us.    Therefore, we have been the loyal customers of some of the most prestigious international brands (like Sysley, Gurlain, etc.) ..... well ... til we met A.H.C!    

Here, we recommend just a few popular products from A.H.C:

  • AHC Vital Medica line of serums (Hydra B5 Soother, Phyto Complex Gel, Vital Complex C-15)
  • AHC Vital Medica line of masks (Hydra Soother Mask, Phyto Complex Mask, Vital C Complex Mask)
  • AHC Intense Soothing Balm
  • AHC Real Eye Cream For Face 

Google them and you'll be able to find only positive reviews!  Below is some brief introduction about the brand:

A.H.C is a prestigious cosmeceutical brand from Korea.  It was launched under Carver Korea in 1999.  A.H.C is Carver Korea's premium brand, as well as a functional brand.  A.H.C's vision is that its customers get to enjoy luxurious treatment offered in professional spa with the ease of relaxing at home.  A.H.C aims to bring back beautiful and confident smiles for women worldwide.  In Korea, A.H.C is distributed to over 3,000 professional skincare establishments such as skincare clinics, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgery offices.  Adopting advance technology, A.H.C offers high quality hydrating skincare products derived from plant extracts to create a vital skin health for every woman.

Our skin tells us that A.H.C's products are as good as the products from those big brands (if not better), and yet they are reasonably priced.  You gotta try them out! Your skin will tell you the truth!!